Grass hay in Hand

I began using and raising grass hay after consulting with my veterinarian about why one of my horses was “tying up”.  He recommended that I stop feeding high protein alfalfa and feed good grass hay. I took his advice and my horse has been happy ever since.  Today I grow and sell chiefly Orchard Grass. It’s a very palatable, nutritious grass that works exceptionally well for my horses and grass fed beef. I also grow limited amounts of Rye and Prairie grass.  In order to fill all of the orders that I receive I have developed relationships with other growers who I know invest the same care and consistency that I strive for in our hay.  Do your own research and I think that you’ll find that horses are evolved to eat mainly grass and their overall well being is better served with a grass based diet.

Grass Hay should be soft. The moisture content
in this handful is just about perfect. Enjoy!             -Bill


Grass Hay

Orchard Grass Hay Bales

This is a bale of Orchard Grass Hay. It weighs approximately 100 pounds.

“I would say this is one of the BEST grass hays I have seen. It is a good balance
of protein & energy,good balance of Calcium & Phosphorus and low enough in sugars
that it should not cause upsets in hindgut fermentation. The quality of this hay would
allow for elimination of alfalfa in many scenarios. I believe I can work with this hay…..
under a number of conditions such as lactation, growth, and high work loads.”

Dr. John C. Throckmorton, Ph.D. KING Feeds Nutritionist
Click Here to read recent lab findings on my Grass Hay

Pricing : Out of Stock    “#1 orchard grass”

Grass-Alfalfa Blend

Orchard Grass/ Alfalfa Bales

For horse owners looking for more protein, this is a good fit.
Depending on the cut and field conditions, this hay will have
approximately 20% alfalfa and 80% grass.

Pricing : Out Of Stock

Grass #2

Native Grass Round Bales

5 x 5 Round Bale

Pricing: $100.00 per Bale

Pea Bale

Oat Vetch Round Bales

They weigh between 800 to 1,000 pounds
and offer cheap feed for cattle in the dry months. 50% more protein than regular forage hay.

Pricing : $135.00

Rye Grass

Diploid Rye/Orchard Grass Mix

Grown in Los Osos Valley. This is our most economical hay.
I’ve lowered the price based on color and the occasional chamomile weed.
A good alternative to the more expensive grass, but a limited supply.

Pricing: Out of Stock

Round Hay Bale

Sugar Pea Round Bales

5 x5 bales, grown in the Los Osos Valley

Pricing:  $75.00 each (delivery available)


Wood Chips

Great for Landscaping and paths and a wonderful water-saver.




Made from livestock waste, bedding materials and tree chips.
We add water and turn regularly for 6 months to one year.
We try to find a nice balance of nitrogen and carbon. We spread this
material in our own fields. It is a great material for flower and vegetable gardens.


Horse Boarding

Horse Boarding

Ostrander Grass Hay will be opening our pastures and facilities to accommodate
horse boarding. While we are not an equestrian facility, we want to offer a
healthy contenting place for well deserving horses. Give me a call to discuss
your horses needs for hay, feed supplements or boarding.